What the CEI Bid Matching Program does: 

  • Un-bundle proposals by line item, identifying all opportunities by DBEs' certified work types.

  • Provide customized work opportunity reports to all DBEs according to their certified work types.

  • Provide contact information of the primes to the DBEs.

  • Provide bid matching reports to all DBE’s  as part of the BDP program.​​

What do these things do? 

This will increase the number of ready, willing, and able certified DBE contractors and consultants doing business.


It will increase DBE dollar percentage and help DBE’s growth and eventual sustainability.  

Using CEI’s bid matching and database can maximize DBE growth and participation as part of the Business Development Program.




CEI has the ability to build a database for state and government as well as DBE use. CEIs can design any type of search or query that you might need and build them to have full access or limited. CEI has a complete understanding of what you might need and has several queries that they currently use in different states. Click either link below to access several databases they currently maintain.


One element that has proven to be a very useful tool is a website. several of the DBE websites that CEI has built have had over 45000 hits in one year.

CEI can build a website for DBE and save them monitoring and design fees and show them an affordable way of having a web presence.